Club Day at Waialae

It was our annual Spring Club Day golf  tournament at Waialae CC today and I just got home after playing in the morning round.  My partner and I did ok, but I’m sure there will be much better scores this afternon.  But oh my, what a beautiful day it was – sunny skies with breezy tradewinds – this is definitely Paradise!  After lunch I headed down to the car dealer to meet Nick, who had just bought another delivery van for IOLANI.  Our other van was in an accident a couple of weeks ago when some driver ran into our van at an intersection.   Luckily no one was hurt but our van was totaled.

There was another great crowd tonight at Kani Ka Pila with lots of good music, hula, and fun!  There seems to be a lot of Canadians and Japanese in the audience, probably because the Honolulu Festival is in town this week.

Aloha, “D”