Countdown to New Years!

Two days to go before we ring in the 2010 New Year and I can’t wait!  2009 has to be THE worst year ever – I lost my dad, the stock market crashed along with the rest of the global economy, and major tsunamis, earthquakes, and global terrorism caused unbelievable human suffering!  The awesome thing is that next year will be much better because it can’t get much worse!  As I always like to say,  “the sun doesn’t shine on the horse’s ass all the time!”

We have a radio interview at KZOO with Misa Uyehara this morning to talk about the Hiroshima video documentary which will be airing on January 2nd on NGN.  The video was produced last year by TV Shin Hiroshima and is about my mother’s journey to find her family roots in the small town of Akio-ohta cho just outside of Hiroshima city.  It was quite well done, and I even get emotional whenever I see it …

We’re also still hard at work on our first radio show to be aired on January 17th on Radio-I in Nagoya, Japan.  It’s taking a lot of time and effort to put this first show together since we’re newcomers to the world of radio and really don’t know what we’re doing quite yet.  We’re fast learners, however, and it should get a lot easier after the first few shows (I hope!).

Aloha, “D”