Here we go … again!

It’s Monday, and the start of one of the busiest weeks in MDNA history!  While Alex has final exams all week, we also have to perform or attend a special function every night this week.  In addition, we have to go into the recording studio to do the final recording for a very important TV project in Japan by next Monday!  PLUS, we’re starting interviews this week for our new MANOA DNA – DISCOVER ALOHA! radio show which debuts next month in Japan!  The pressure is definitely intense, but we’ll come through with flying colors … I hope! 🙂

We still haven’t put our Christmas tree up since we’ve all been so busy and Carla’s been ill.  Now that she’s feeling much better, I think we’ll finally bring our tree into the house!  It’s been sitting outside for the last 5 days and really seems to be enjoying the fresh air.  The puppies have left it alone so far, but I spray the tree down every morning just to make sure!

The boys & I are golfing this afternoon with our good friend, Koji Nishio, who was the producer of the TV Shin Hiroshima documentary about my mother’s Hiroshima family roots.  The video footage was shot both here in Hawai’i and Japan, and has really gotten some great reviews!  It will be shown locally on NGN on New Year’s Eve.

Aloha, “D”