Day After …

Good morning all!  I tried something new yesterday – after getting home and unpacking, I immediately went down to the club to play squash and work out.  Someone told me once that if you worked out immediately after your flight, it would minimize the effects of jet lag and help you adjust to the new time zone.  Well, after yesterday’s workout and a good night’s sleep I have to say that I’m feeling pretty good so far!  Of course, the real test will come 1-2 days from now when jet lag usually hits me the worse.

It’s another beautiful Manoa morning … blue skies, cool tradewinds, and puppies everywhere!  They were so happy to see us yesterday that they have not let us out of their sight for a minute!  Carla is so happy to have her “flock” back!

More thoughts on our JATA trip … the Ghana booth that made those delicious sandwiches is actually a very famous restaurant in Japan recommended by the Ghana embassy … the cookies and espressos from the Elio Restaurant in the Italy booth were also outstanding … the delicious & cool (literally) candied french fries which our good friend, Hiroyuki, brought for us … really, they were ice cold and glazed with sugar! … you gotta check out the cool African percussion “toys” that Alex picked up at the Kenya booth – may become part of the MDNA sound if we can figure out how to use them … “mahalo” to the Guam ladies for coming by to say “hafaday”! … Tony and Clayton from Paradise Cove and my brother-in-law Steve, who officially became fellow “Ghana foodies” … Miss Hawaii USA Aureana Tseu was as beautiful and outstanding as ever – love the stripes, girl! … the MDNA moms, Carla and Denise, working behind the scenes to make sure everything worked smoothly – but PLEASE don’t ask them to make any speeches … and finally, a warm mahalo and aloha to everyone who made this all possible – HTJ, HTA, and the entire “global community” – we hope to see you all very soon!

Aloha, Lloy”D”