Fun night!

We had pau hana cocktails with the girls from StudioRim Hawaii last night at Imanas Tei, a great izakaya restaurant near Puck’s Alley.  That was the first time I’ve gone there, and I thought the food, drink, and ambience were great!  We talked about the upcoming shows in Sapporo and some of the fun things that we were going to do up there.  Thanks Reiko, Sarah, and Hiroko for putting up with our boyish charms :-), and mahalo for the nice bottle of Kubota nihon-shu!

I received some really cool MDNA blogs from our good friend, Yutaka, who posted them on his MaunaluaJapan website.  If you have a chance, go check it out!  My favorite pic is the one taken at Lulu’s of Misa dressed up as Meg from “Family Guy” … totally funny!!  Thank you, Yutaka … you da best!

Alllrighteee then … now I have to get ready for a 10am meeting at my office and then it’s off to do battle with my golf buddies at Waialae!  Wish me luck!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Aloha Lloyd
    CC: MANOA DNA lovers

    Yes, Lloyd.
    It was the fun time!Thank you very much for having us last night, FOOD
    and the KAMALEI T-SHIRTS produced by Iolani Sportswear.
    It is very fashinable!! I will put this pic on my blog later,too.
    (please visit and click the icon of BIG ISLAND)

    We taked about the event and FM NORTH WAVE SPECIAL PROGRAM(dj:nobby, sarah and pele reiko) presented by HTJ(HAWAII-SHYU-KANKO-KYOKU). The venue is Sapporo factory and the date is Biggest HAWAII NEI style day on SEP21. Please stop by there.
    MANOA DNA will perfomance the fantastic music there
    and create 1000-nin hula “LET’S HULA”
    everyboday can join together. If you have never been hula before,
    please don’t worry. The special teacher “Sarah Noel” will teach there.

    If you live out of HOKKAIDO, please join us to make the anniversary memories and come to Sapporo to eat the onolicious RAMEN !!

    ps Lloyd , please let me know your today’s golf score!!

    Warmest Aloha,

    Pele Reiko

  2. I’m glad to hear that Meg’s photo is your favorite;) see you tomorrow!

  3. imanas tei is the bomb! did you get to try their chanko nabe? it’s definitely the best on the island!

  4. Aloha Lloyd,

    But I still envy your score! 93 is not so bad!!!
    I lost 93 golf balls !! cry cry! …….It’s JK.(just kidding)
    The last Monday I went to Olomana Golf link( I LOVE THE VIEW!)with my
    girl friend and her mom from Japan.
    That place is very tricky. But the wondeful view realy soothe me.
    But I have to practice more….


    • Hi Reiko,
      Thanks for coming down to Lulu’s last night! And yes, golf is very difficult but at least you get to enjoy the view!

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