Golf today!

Hi everyone!  I got a request from one of our friends to post pictures of our puppies  Buster, Peanut, and Jazz, on my blog.  Alex and I got our new 3G iPhones yesterday, so as soon as I get all my stuff organized I will start posting all kinds of pics!  I am so slow when it comes to new technology and it takes me forever to get comfortable with any new applications.  And by the time I finally get it down, the programs are obsolete!  Anyway, expect to see more pics on this blog very soon!

I have a couple of meetings this morning and then it’s off to Waialae for some golf time with my Thursday buddies!  I really look forward to this every week  ’cause it’s a great way to be outdoors with guys and act like a bunch of kids (or worse)!  We play a civil form of Hawaiian-style golf – meaning that sometimes golf etiquette goes out the window!  My favorite part is the “19th” hole where we all gather to toast the winners and roast the losers with many, many drinks! :-))



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  1. WOW! I can’t wait to see your cute puppies 🙂