August: End of Summer, Beginning of Fun!

I don’t really know what the title means, but I’m sure someone out there understands it.

Sorry, I forgot to draw a picture this month. For now, Krispy Kreme!

Here’s what we are up to this month! Alex and Dad are gone in the middle of the month, so make sure you come and see us before or after that!

7th & 28th: Lulus Waikiki Fridays Come down and see Manoa DNA at their usual Friday night spot at Lulus Restaurant in Waikiki.

8th & 29th: Kani Ka Pila Saturdays Located in the beautiful Outrigger Reef Hotel, the Kani Ka Pila Bar is the place to see Manoa DNA on Saturday nights.

21st: Special Lulus Performance Making their debut for the first time, the “NA Experience” will be taking Lulus by storm. With Dad on the mainland, Alex and Nick will try to hold the fort, as they perform with special guest artists for one night!


  1. Aloha! Manoa DNA!!

    Thank You for coming to Japan last month.
    I’m Hiroyuki . Do you remember me?
    I met you four times in last month, in Shinjuku, Shiodome, Saitama,and Yokohama. Well,I met you at Odaiba in May.
    I was so glad and excited that I met you.
    Did you have a enjoyable time in Japan?

    So, I found a picture of Crispy Creme Donuts on your website’s toppage.
    Thank you for up it to your web that I presented Crispy Creme Donuts to you.
    I remember their taste of muscats and peaches. Did you enjoy to eat them?
    I’ll be waiting you’ll come to Japan next time.
    If you have a time, You’ll try to eat new taste of Crispy Creme Donuts in Japan.

    See you soon!
    Take Care!

    • Aloha Hiroyuki!
      Of course we remember you and thank you so much for coming to see us perform!
      We really enjoyed the new taste of the Krispy Kreme donuts which you gave us – so oishii! Mahalo!