Final day of Aloha Yokohama

It’s Sunday and the final day of performances on this summer tour!  This will be our 20th and 21st shows and although we’ve busted our butts on this trip, we’ve also had a lot of fun and have made many new fans.  We’re so fortunate to have the opportunity to come to Japan and share the music and aloha of our island home, and we hope a lot of our new friends will come to visit Hawaii very soon!

Our first performance today will be at the Queen’s Square near our hotel and then our final one will be at the Bay Quarter Mall also nearby.  I always dread the Bay Quarter because it’s probably the hottest venue of the trip – a small stage with many hot lights in the heat & humidity!  I always feel sorry for Mark, our bass player, because he’s the one that has to stand the closest to the lights and ends up looking like one of those roasted chickens at Costco!  After we’re done with today’s shows, we’re going to head on down to Zushi to watch our good friend, Kase-san, perform at a small Hawaiian club there.  Should be a nice and relaxing end to another great, but hectic tour …

I’d like to once again thank all of our friends and fans for coming down to see us at all of our shows – mahalo so much!!  Without you there, it’s just one big rehearsal for us so I hope you continue to enjoy our music!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. It’s already hot today.
    And when your performance begins, it will be hotter.
    So drink a lot of water and please take good care of yourself!

    I don’t want to miss your performance of last day today, but I have to babysit my nephew.
    He really enjoyed your song “Ka’a Ahi Kahului” yesterday. And he said “wu~wu” all the time while we way home.

    Mahalo for a great time!!


    • Aloha Mari,
      I’m sorry you were not able to see our performance today. It was quite hot, especially at Bay Quarter!
      We hope to see again when we return in September.