Sweet Home Tokyo

Finished our shows in Narita and now in Tokyo for the middle part of our tour. Today was an ok day, I think the highlight of the day was our dinner. Nick, our bass player Mark, our good friend Vance, and I went to eat sushi at this place in the Narita airport. Holy smokes it was so good!! Vance said that the place was the best sushi in Tokyo and it didn’t disappoint! It was expensive but worth it. Take a look at the picture below, I’ve never seen tamago that thick on a small piece of rice. And the おおとろ (ootoro) was like butter…at Â¥840 a piece it had better be good!!

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  1. Hi Alex, this is Yuko!
    You like Japanese food! I’m glad to hear that! Please try other good Japanese food! If you go to Hokkaido, please eat Jingisukan! Jingisukan “Genghis Khan” is the roasted meat of the ram and eats with vegetables.