OK, not literally, but I need a miracle to happen right now! Between writing a melody for these Japanese lyrics, learning new hula songs, and figuring out what we are actually doing for our Japan tour next week, I think I’ve gone crazy! I’m on a break from life right now…I was thinking of maybe going to the beach and lying in the water with no one to distract me, but then I thought of all the things I had to get done and I stayed home haha! Have you ever wanted to buy a watch that would stop time for you and only you so you can get something done? Yea, I’d gladly give my life savings for one of those so do some research and let me know…thanks.

I wish I was one of my dogs, they have it so good. They sleep all day and play with each other as their job…wow…I think I’m going crazy if I’ve started to say that I want to be a dog haha!! OK it’s time for me to clear my head and relax…haha I’ll be back later!