4th of July came…and went!

Last night we had an awesome show at the Ala Moana center that ended a great day of music and was followed by an incredible fireworks show over Ala Moana! I just want to thank everyone who stayed through the rain and made our whole show possible. Although it rained, it was still a great experience for me because I think that was one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever played in front of.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to play golf and boy was I tired…I drove a half hour to the course and started playing at around 730 or so. I played ok, but as soon a I got home I had to take a nap haha! As for tonight? Not sure what I’m doing yet but I’ll post updates most definately!

If you were there last night at our concert you wouldve seen what our keyboard player Mark was wearing…all that I can say is he looked like “Where’s Waldo”, or maybe Dr. Suess?? What do you think? Here’s a picture…discuss with your friends haha!