Water Park!

Off to the water park today! Yes it’s still windy…but I’ve wanted to go to the water park in Hawaii for a long time because I haven’t been there in soooooo long! Oh and guess what, one of the packages I was waiting for came in today, YAY! I thought it got lost in the mail but I woke up this morning and there was a present on my porch.
I’m interested in seeing how the water park is doing, I know they put some new rides in here and there and I’m hoping that it’s crowded. Actually, I don’t want it to crowded because I don’t want to wait for anything, haha, but I want it to be crowded so that it looks like Hawaii’s Tourism is at least coming back. The water park is the perfect place for all ages whenever people visit Hawaii because no matter which season it is, fall, spring, winter or summer, the water park is open and it’s usually never cold. Wow, I sound like I’m being paid to talk about the water park haha!
I will try to post pictures on my blog after the water park, but I’ll also post on my Twitter page updates and various pictures. If you can’t read my Twitter, I’ll post pictures and stuff when I get home tonight!

Wish me luck!
Water park here I come!