Last night at Lulu’s …

A big MAHALO to everyone who came down to Lulu’s last night … especially to Reiko who reminded me AGAIN to be sure to update my blog AGAIN!  She actually suggested I do it everyday, but I will try to do it as often as I can.  It was another fun night at Lulu’s Waikiki last night … I enjoy performing there because it’s a beach bar and shorts & slippers are the dress code.  We also get to “spread our wings” musically and perform other types of genres besides Hawaiian.  We did our MDNA version of “Sweet Home Alabama” which someone (I won’t mention who!) suggested we change the lyrics to “Sweet Home Honolulu” …. hmmm… what do you guys think??

Uh, oh … our dogs Buster, Peanut, and Jazz are staring intently at me now, which means they want to go for their morning walk … hope to see you all at the Kani Ka Pila Grille tonight!!




  1. aloha!!!
    it was nice meeting last night.
    we enjoyed manoa dna perfomances.
    i checked your blog !! excellent!! good job!!

    because always i check your blog with smile.

    studio rim folks,sarah, yu, yuko and all of listeners say aloha and
    throw the shaka

    • Eh, Reiko ..
      Hope you’re enjoying a fabulous weekend! The boys & I want to send you and the gorgeous ladies at Studio Rim a huge MAHALO for all your support!
      Aloha no,