Na Hoku Awards!

Aloha Kakahiaka everyone!

So last night we performed at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards banquet at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, and all I can say is I was so honored to be there performing in front of all the best musicians in Hawaii. The theme this year was unity and all the performers were paired up with each other to do a collaboration of songs together, so we got paired up with the one and only, Tony Conjugacion. I know what you are all thinking…HUH?!?! That’s a weird pair!!! Yeah…we thought so too…but once we met with each other it all seemed too easy! Tony is such a talented guy so it made it very easy for us to work together, not to mention he’s also one of the nicest and most helpful people on the planet! We did a medley of 2 of his most popular songs Ka Pili Oha and Ka Beauty a’o Manoa, and our song Down in Paradise. Holy smokes when we first did our arrangement of the songs together it was major chicken skin! Ill give the link to watch it below because I think a lot of people who saw it were blown away…at least I hope!!

It was a great night last night and a big congratulations to all the winners from last night, all were very deserving!! To all our friends who were winners, you all deserved it and I’m proud to say I know all of you!

I thought it was funny last night because the past two years we were nominated for 3 Hoku awards and we never got to perform on stage…but this year when we weren’t nominated they asked us to play..hahah!! I had a great time nonetheless and it was a great experience for me, as a young fairly inexperienced musician, to be able to mingle with the big dogs and learn from all the talented people that were around me.

Last night really got me inspired to make a new CD very soon and I hope that we can start within the next month or two…I’ve been saying that since last November…but this time I mean it!!

Thanks for reading! Here are pictures from the Hoku Awards and the video of our performance is on the right of the screen. Let me know what you think!!



All acting like we won an award...haha!
All acting like we won an award...haha!
Dad left the young kids did the interview haha!
Dad left the young kids did the interview haha!

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  1. What a great performance!!!
    I like the Na Hoku version of Down in paradise.
    I guess It’s…really Hawaiian style!?!? so coool!!!
    I’ve enjoyed it:)