The Dogs are puking!!

Hello everyone!
I’m sure you’re wondering why the title of this blog is so gross and violent? Well, last night our dogs got into an advil or tylenol (they ate the label so we couldn’t figure it out) bottle and ate some pills. One dog was puking her brains out last night and we had to take her to the vet to make sure she didn’t overdose. The other was fine…until this morning.
I woke up to a beautiful day in Hawaii nei, ready to face the world when i look down and see our other dog puking even more than then other!!!! Now, I’m not talking about puppy puke, this was andre the giant style puke! It was convenient that i was eating a bowl of cheerios right when he started vomiting. I will never be able to eat cheerios again for awhile….
So now that i got you all to gag a little, just know that all the puppies should be fine and they’re all pretty happy now!
Anyways, kind of a random blog, but hey, it’s interesting right?? haha!

A hui hou!