37th Annual Ukulele Festival! Jack Johnson!

We had a great time yesterday, playing at the 37th Annual Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park. If you didn’t go, BOY OH BOY, did you miss out. Not only did you miss out on Hawai’i’s great entertainers like, Holunape, Danny Kaleikini & Manoa DNA, but making a special appearance was Mr. Jack Johnson.

Yes, the man himself, took time out of his schedule to come down and play some tunes with Roy Sakuma’s ukulele band. 300 kids and adults jammed to Jack tunes while Roy partied out on stage!

Making a special appearance with Jack, was Manoa DNA’s very own Alex!

But that made me a little jealous, so I jumped on stage and gave a solo!

No, that didn’t really happen, but I am jealous and know how to use photoshop. So I can imagine…