Weekend recap

Dad's Blog 4 February 2013 | Comments Off

Aloha, everyone!  As you can tell, I’m only writing one or two blogs a week now and have started posting daily updates via Facebook, Instagram, and soon-to-come Twitter.  This WordPress app has always been a royal pain in the ass and it’s so much easier to keep you guys current via the other social media apps … especially from my iPhone!  Anyway, here’s today’s blog …

Last week’s weekly Thursday golf outing was horrendous … luckily, my playing partners also sucked so we all sort of broke even.  I’ve gotta start figuring out what’s wrong with my swing ‘cuz it’s been in the toilet for about 6 months now.  Then on Friday we performed at the annual Punahou Carnival … always a very fun gig for the boys and I since we get to see many of our former classmates (yes, mine are still alive in case you were wondering … wise ass!).  As always, I had to eat my fill of gyros and malasadas before we left and then dropped by Tsukuneya to have an ice cold mug of draft before heading home … ahhh, what a great evening!  The next morning I played an early round of golf and did a little better … still can’t hit the ball off the tee with any consistency anymore.  I did manage to scramble for an 83 which ain’t so bad when your game sucks.  Afterward, I headed home to catch a quick nap before getting ready to head down to Kani Ka Pila for our gig.  The night started off kinda slow but boy, did it get crowded after we started playing!  We ended the night with a packed “dance floor” right in front of the stage … it was hilarious!  Everyone had a great time and I always love seeing the smiles on people’s faces!  And finally … yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and unfortunately, the ‘Niners lost to the Ravens 34-31.  It was a great game though, and SF almost pulled off a great comeback …

So now it’s a new week with new challenges … take it slow, my friends!

Aloha, “D”