Hana hou ….

Dad's Blog 28 July 2014 | Comments

Aloha, everyone!  Since I’m on a roll, I thought I’d continue my ramblings from yesterday’s blog.  Let’s see … I told you all about the exciting new musical journey that Alex is embarking on in September, but MDNA still has a pretty full schedule until then.  Because of road trips and several special events, there […]

Wassup – Part 1

Dad's Blog 26 July 2014 | Comments

It’s been SOOOO long since I last posted a blog that I forgot how to sign in to the website!  Anyway, since there are so many rumors going around concerning ManoaDNA’s future, I wanted to set the record straight.  First of all, MDNA is NOT breaking up – we are, shall we say, moving on […]

Where Did Everyone Go?!

Nick's Blog 11 July 2014 | Comments Off

Dad was the king of blog posts, but nothing since the beginning of February?! Alx and his blog have been silent since March?! Guess it’s all up to me to keep the dream alive! (Editors Note: I am also the webmaster, so If they’re gonna make me do this alone, I’m killing the blog! MWAHAHAHA!) […]

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Happy Invention Day!

Nick's Blog 18 April 2014 | Comments Off

Happy Invention Day Japan! Haha, and commemorating the opening night of the original Yankee stadium in 1923, I’m happy to wish you a happy Aloha Friday, the 18th of April! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Hope everything in your world is going great! Mine has been so fraught (that’s a word, I think) with […]

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Is Social Media Required?

Nick's Blog 21 March 2014 | Comments Off

Hello Everyone, I’d like to start today’s post with an apology. No, not the week-late blog post (I’ve apologized enough fro my tardiness), but for the last “title-less” blog post. It screwed with the system, and so I apologize if you didn’t get to leave your comments on your favorite adventure! Let’s hope I never […]

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Alx Blog: Tried a new beer, what’d I think?

Alex's Blog 3 March 2014 | Comments Off

Hey friends and family! I missed you all so much!! I see many of you out and about at gigs or regular life, but for those I haven’t seen in awhile, aloha!!! Before I get into my new beer tasting, I need to say that I had so much fun in February. Performed solo at […]

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What’s Your Adventure?

Nick's Blog 28 February 2014 | Comments

Good morning all! Before I get into today’s blog post, I want to take a moment to thank you all for the birthday wishes! Between ManoaDNA’s Facebook page, all the Twitter comments, and personal messages I received, it made my day VERY special! Now, on to the news! It’s the last day of February, making […]

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Quiet weekend ….

Dad's Blog 9 February 2014 | Comments Off

Aloha, all … Taking it slow this weekend … had some minor surgery on my back last week.  Normally they would have just stitched it up and I’d be good to go, but since it was infected they had to leave it open to drain – gross!   Good news is that I’m feeling much […]

Alx is in Japan, so I’m on VACATION!

Nick's Blog 7 February 2014 | Comments Off

When it comes to ManoaDNA, with gigs at least three times a week, you take “vacation” days whenever you can! While Alx works in Japan, Dad & I have the weekend off and will be spending it doing something fun (I hope)! As for the last two weeks, they weren’t as fun as the previous […]

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Quick thoughts ….

Dad's Blog 1 February 2014 | Comments Off

Aloha, friends … been a long time since I posted a blog so please bear with me.  Lemme start with the New Year .. had a great time performing at JTB’s New Years event at the Sheraton Waikiki.  The best part was that our green room had an unobstructed view of the fireworks show – […]